Savoy Theatre Seat Chart and Guide

The Savoy Theatre, located in the world famous hotel, is a relatively modern design due to its rebuild in 1993 after a fire. The interior was restored to its art deco style, and the auditorium was made more audience friendly. It is now one of the most accessible theatres in the West End and provides great views from all three levels. The auditorium seats 1,200 people and feels quite tall, with the Grand Circle high up above the stage.

The Stalls

The Stalls is the closest section to the stage, and is made up of one large block of seats with no central aisle. The seats are well raked, but the first four rows feel quite low. Shorter audience members may struggle looking up at the action. The rows get wider towards the middle of the section, and seats towards the end of the row look at the stage from an angle rather than directly at it. The overhang of the level above begins around row N and cuts off the very top of the stage for people sat in rows U - W.

The Dress Circle

The Dress Circle is split into a front and rear section, with the rear section divided further by a larger side staircase. The front section offers the best overall views of the stage, but seats at the end of the first 3 rows look at the stage from an angle rather than directly at it. The first and last two seats of row A have the safety rail in view. Row G has extra legroom due to the aisle, but there is a safety rail that runs along it. The overhang from the level above begins around row F, and the view of the top of the stage becomes reduced after row M. The first few seats in rows G - N have restricted views.

The Grand Circle

The Grand Circle has eleven rows, making the section feel quite intimate. It is split in two between rows E and F. Sit in row F if you'd like the extra leg room that this aisle provides, though the safety rail restricts views in this row and row G.


Where are the best seats for children at the Savoy Theatre?

The best seats for children are towards the centre of the Stalls and in the first four rows of the Dress Circle. Whilst children enjoy sitting close to the front, the height of the stage means that the first 5 rows can create sight problems for shorter audience members.

Where are the Restricted View seats?

Rows U - W in the Stalls have restricted views due to the Dress Circle overhang. In the Dress Circle, seats 1-4 in rows G-L are restricted, as well as M 1-5 and N 1-8. The first and last seats in Row A have the safety rail in view. Restricted view seats in the Grand Circle are marked as the whole of row F and G, which are reffected by the safety rail that runs in front of them.

What if I am hard of sight or hearing?

The Savoy Theatre is equipped with an infrared system and headset loan for those with hearing difficulties. Guide dogs are welcome at the theatre and can either stay with their owner throughout the show or be looked after by one of the theatre managers.

How many steps are there in the theatre?

There is level street access into the main foyer, which is on the same level as the Upper Circle. From her there are 32 steps down to the Dress Circle, and 75 steps down to the Stalls. The Stalls section is not recommended for those with mobility problems. There is level access to the Dress Circle level from the entrance on Carting Lane, but from here it is a short, step-free walk to the theatre.

Where are the toilets located?

Male and female toilets are available on all seating levels, with access toilet facilities available at the Dress Circle level.

Where are the bars located?

The Savoy Theatre has four bars: the Stalls, Dress and Grand Circle bars, as well as the Mezzanine bar. There is no level access to any of the bars, although drinks can be brought to the seats - please ask upon arrival.

Are there wheelchair facilities in the theatre?

The Savoy Theatre has two wheelchair spaces available in the Dress Circle, and these are the only seats with complete level access. Transfer seating is also available, but please note that there are two steps to other accessible seats, and the ends of rows F and G in the Dress Circle are most accessible. There is no lift inside the theatre.